Our Rules

Please read all our rules before submitting art or else your submission will likely be denied. This page will hopefully act as a TL;DR version of our Terms of Service page.

  1. You must have permission from the artist before it is submitted.
    The posting of old art made by others for archival purposes is permitted. The work must either be at least 3 years old, or from an artist that can no longer be reached. if the artist has expressed wishes against having their works reposted then it is not allowed. We are not here to make a profit. We do not want trouble and drama. PLEASE make our lives easier. We cannot stress this enough!

    This is a list of people who have given their permission.
  2. All images in the main galleries channels should depict Pokemon as close to their official design as possible.
    In other words, works cannot involve Pokemon with appearances radically different from their official designs. Small cosmetic additions are allowed. Animate objects in the shape of pokemon (inflatables, Balloons) are allowed as long as they closely resemble the pokemon they are supposed to be, and appear visibly bloated or distended in some way.

    The presence of an OC or character as the inflator is permitted, so long as the inflated pokemon is the focus of the image.
  3. All works within the main galleries must be inflation based.
    Inflation via air or liquid of any kind is allowed here. All shapes and styles of inflation are also allowed be it spherical, hyper in some way, or even in a way that alters body proportions that still imply that the subject is expanded like a balloon.
    Straight weight gain, fat, muscle, or growth is not allowed as those do not fit the theme we are aiming for.
  4. All works within the main galleries must be PG-13.
    Essentially, nothing too violent or sexual. and popping must remain within it’s own dedicated channel. Mild naughtiness is permitted (Things like hoses up the rump).
  5. All visual content is welcome.
    Be they images, sprites, sprite edits, gifs animated or otherwise, or videos. Said videos however, need to be viewable online and without downloading.
  6. Effort is valued more than just quality alone.
    You don’t need to be a professional grade artist to submit work here. All work is welcome so long as the artist had put their best effort into it. Low effort work, like a stick figure doodle on some notebook paper won’t fly here.

    If the work is 2D traditional media, the image must be scanned, with a decent amount of line density. No cell phone snapshots.
  7. There is no limit on how many submissions can be made about any Pokemon. Just because one person did an image of lugia doesn’t mean you can’t submit one. While we want to fill the Dex, all Trainers are free to post as many images of whatever Pokemon they wish.
  8. Moderators have full rights to edit or relocate submissions if they lack sufficient information, or are within the wrong section.

Rules are flexible and subject to change! If you’d like to alter or dispute a rule, speak to a moderator about it.