About the Balloon-Dex

What is this about?
An active collaborative project for gathering artwork featuring Pokemon being blown up like balloons. Yes, we're a bunch of weirdos! We're going to "Inflate 'Em All!" This whole effort draws inspiration from the long defunct, Japanese Pukupuku Wiki, which was a gathering of art involving Pokemon being inflated.
What is our ultimate goal?
Much like completing the Pokedex within the series, we want participation and collaborative effort to gather pokemon inflation artwork, with permission, of all 700+ pokemon, even the unpopular ones, like Mr.Mime. Ultimately, the Balloon Dex is an archive of Pokemon inflation works both new and old.
How do I participate?
Until we get a better system in place, we will have to evaluate each artpiece by hand before adding it to our archive. Please join our Discord or contact AreoAnts, Balloogabu, or Vosdugolva.
Any general advice?

Our Current Staff, E3, the Elite 3!

Balloogabu: Cloud-Eating Balloon Dragon


The current Owner!
Will puff you with his pink Magic Bubbles! Oh no!
Besides inflating people, Balloogabu likes to bake and explore the city. His favorite pokemon is Dragonite!



The founder of the Balloon-Dex! Besides Pokemon, really likes Dig Dug.



Gym Leader turned Elite! Started out on Colors 3D (for Nintendo 3DS).